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Noteworthy: Perfect tailoring of trousers

Smoke Break

There is something about capturing a person in their most natural setting. Sitting down outside a shop, on scaffolding, or just standing on a corner.... each one taking a moment to themselves. Breathing out the stresses of the day and being able to share an intimate moment with your subject is one of my favorite parts of photography. When you add in each one of their outfits, it makes that moment even sweeter.

Cut off Point

Noteworthy: Cut away collar and tailoring of the suit

Code Blue

Worked hard this past weekend in the city with Cody Min. Be prepared to see The Preppy Scholar in a new way with the release of my very first short film! Cody and I teamed up to start the first of what may be a whole new aspect of the blog. I just went over the most recent edit of the film, and all I can say is... be super excited for the release of this work!

Noteworthy: Blue corduroy shorts

Noteworthy: Blue corduroy shorts

Gone with the Wind

Telling her she was beautiful was like breathing... effortless, yet completely necessary to stay alive.
— Anonymous

I love having friends that I don't have to worry about what they might be wearing to a shoot. We met at the reservoir in Central Park, and the breeze coming off the water felt like heaven on this muggy day in the city. She has an air about her that despite what might be rushing through your mind, things seem to vanish. I love getting lost in moments with people, especially when it happens when I want to take their photograph. It opens the door to the story past the photo.