Instagram of the Week

Instagram and song//artist of the week will be a new running feature on the blog. A way to keep everyone creatively engaged while in between big projects. I hope you enjoy... also Google NYC was dope. 


Song // Artist of the Week

The Sam Cooke of the modern age... you're welcome. 

April Showers

How can you respect the world when you see it’s being run by a bunch of kids turned old?
— John Updike, "Rabbit is Rich"

I've been obsessed with John Updike quotes lately... and it's the romanticism behind everything he says. It doesn't even have to be about love, it's the way he is able to capture life with his words. I strive for that deep understanding of life and what makes us who we are. Why we get lost in someone's eyes and why my skin tingles at the sound of a voice.

As April begins to rain down on us, I can't help to think that in a couple months I'll be turning 20 and crossing the halfway point of my college career. The real world is starting to barrel towards me and I'm scrambling to pick up my legos. But that's life... All is fleeting... but there are some things that have been staying a constant and for that I press forward.