Introducing: "Them"

"Them" is my new photography project that will feature my friends that I draw inspiration from. Founders of charities, musicians, designers, and some other really cool people that I'm fortunate enough to surround myself with. I'm really excited about this project, and for my viewers to understand my creative process on an even deeper level. Get excited to see some new style of photography and different fashion sense from everyone featured.

Head in the Clouds

I'm not the tallest guy in the world. I barely pull off calling myself 5'8... shoes help. However, one advantage of being my size comes into play in the style world. I find it extremely easy to look sharp at my height, but this isn't the case for every gent. A lot of tall guys have problems finding clothes that fit them properly. A struggle I've never had to face. My friend Chaz is a great model for those guys that have the gift of height, but don't want to come off as dangly and uncomfortable in their own clothes. Everything on Chaz is cut to his body. I always make notes about how I cuff my pants to give that extra appearance of height and flash my ankles... but that isn't needed when you are already pushing 6'4. This one is for the tall guys, so give me back my lunch money. 

Noteworthy: Lacoste engine turn buckle belt.